Hope Sings

Last night I sat and watched beautiful young people raise their voices in a choir concert entitled “Hope Sings: Songs That Consider a Brighter Future”. This after spending the day consuming the unfolding horror of yet another formerly unimaginable, but now predictable, mass gun murder of children. To say there was some emotional and cognitive dissonance would be an understatement. My heart was so heavy and so full all at once. I think this is what I can do right now – to just bear witness to every single bit of it. Stay open to the horror, the grief, the rage, as well as the beauty, the joy, and even the hope, as impossible as it seems on days like this. Love requires it.

This was the very last song of the Advanced Treble Chorale program, and Margaret is the solo at the very end. Love.

Western Washington University Advanced Treble Chorale

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