Home again

Bellingham was beautiful as always. Lily had a much needed break from the daily grind, I worked remotely from an Airbnb, and Oscar was his usual pain in the ass-ness. We got dates a bit mixed up so our first night was in a hotel, and the remaining three in a lovely cottage. Marg came and stayed with us in the evenings, it was so nice to have a group of us even if we didn’t quite make a family quorum. We were able to see the end of year performances for both of the choirs M has participated in this year – both very different, both lovely. One evening Marg took Lily to a fundraiser that was a fashion show with fashions created largely from condoms. She said “you are more than welcome to come mom, but it will basically be a room full of teenagers.” I stayed home and read my book and drank tea, but enjoyed the texts that kept me abreast of what was happening on the runway and raves about the musical act, Iggy Poop. Lily had a blast. Much of the rest of our time was just spent hanging out in the spaces between school and work. It didn’t exactly feel like a vacation but I’m so grateful at how portable work is these days.

Back home and missing M, but happy to be back and looking forward to giving Alice a big hug when she gets home from work. Here are a few random pictures for the memory book.

And because I cannot resist, here is my favorite condom fashion titled “biblically accurate angel”.

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