Mother of monkeys

How Alice and I spent an hour on Mother’s Day. The exhibit was ridiculously overcrowded and sort of over stimulating for both us us, but I couldn’t help but love it – Alice in an art museum is just one of my favorite things. Afterwards she said “I feel like maybe Grandma was with us,” and I had to agree – the thought had crossed my mind as well. She loved Frida and used to say that the picture of the monkeys was basically her life and we (the kids) were the monkeys. She would have hated the crowds and loved the art.

Afterwards, Allie and I stopped and had tea at a favorite spot to decompress. I glanced over and noticed one of mom’s favorite books on the free shelf so spent some time thumbing through it to find favorite passages. Yes sorrow floats, and we keep passing the open windows but there was this one as well that I didn’t remember: “if we couldn’t get strong from what we lose, and what we miss, and what we want and can’t have, then we couldn’t ever get strong enough.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

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