lovely day for it

John ahead of me on the Banks Veronia trail

Today is the last official day of my week off. All week I’ve had this feeling like I’m surfacing. Not even recovering, just rising a bit from wake of the last three months that has passed in a blur of stress and exhaustion. Reclaiming a perspective from a more rested, less stressed vantage point. There has got to be a better way to live my life than what I’ve been doing this season.

I’m not going to solve that today, but I took my perspective and went on a long (for me) bike ride with John though a forest, past streams, up a mountain (ok, a slightly inclining hill – but the incline went of for miles so I feel justified calling it a mountain). We stopped after ten miles for a cliff bar (they are never delicious unless you really need their energy – today it might as well have been a four star gourmet meal). Then turned back and wheeeeeeeeee downhill back in probably a third of the time back as it took to get out.

It was a good day.

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