skating away

I have two things to say about this not-kid kid, Margaret (she is 20, but I will think of my kids as kids forever no matter what age they are).

First…I laughed so hard when she sent me this picture because I think there are about five different styles mixed up in her look that day. Including a damn fanny pack. I do love the way this generation robs every other one for their style and it is changeable based on the day or the hour. As someone whose “look” has consisted of jeans and a t-shirt for 30+ years, I have no understanding of this level of daily styling. šŸ˜‚

Second, I am going to take a moment and share how proud I am of her. After a really tough last quarter of remote school, she decided to take a quarter off and get a job, give herself some space to get her shit together. I supported this completely. Job hunting was tougher than she expected, but she just finished up her third day in the job she did finally land – a caregiver in a memory care facility. When she interviewed, I really pressed on her if she was sure she was up for this kind of a challenge – that is would be difficult work that would feel thankless at times, that it would likely put her into situations she felt very uncomfortable and way out of her element and experience. “I want that, Mom. I think this is important.”

Regardless of how this all turns out, whether she remembers this as a wonderful or terrible job or something in between, I’m so proud of her for pushing herself this hard out of her comfort zone, and for being brave enough to take herself off a path that really wasn’t working for her.

I think this one is going to be (already is) a force for good in this world. ā¤ļø

And look great while doing it. šŸ™‚

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