imperfect love

John and I spent our first Valentine’s day together in 1993 seeing this movie, the most unromantic western ever made 😂. We had been dating for a week at that point and tripped over ourselves to assure the other one how stupid we thought Valentine’s day was to avoid the awkwardness of expectations on this day with a new and unknown maybe-relationship. So with that start, for the most part, this is not a day we have recognized over the years. A traditional big box of nothing is exchanged. I made aspirational heart shaped pancakes for the girls and I have to tell you, they were not my best for style but I got an A+ for taste. I still hold the best title ever bestowed upon me by Alice – “the boss of all pancakes”. So a traditional big box of nothing between the spouses and some misshapen heart pancakes for the kiddos. It’s a good day. ❤️

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