You know what feels even better than random acts of kindness? Apologizing to someone when you were an asshole. I did that today and I highly recommend it (the apologizing part, not the being an asshole part – not a fan of some of aspects my personality). So if you want to feel really good, think about a moment today or this week where you made an assumption, didn’t really listen, dismissed or cut someone off. And apologize. Because we are all amazing lovely people but we are also all (sometimes) assholes. I feel this message is preachy enough to merit a “The More You Know” tag. But seriously, today was a shitty day. And it’s really easy to take out a bad day on someone else. Too easy. But it’s also easy to say sorry.

Also – something random you may not know about me – I worked at an NBC affiliate for a year in college and my job was to type up the daily programming logs including the “The More You Know” promos. Almost 30 years later I still remember some of the tape numbers (because they literally pulled VHS type tapes for all the promos and commercials). And now you know THAT too.

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