The Angel: part II

ANGEL UPDATE (I know you’ve been dying to know). We have a temporary replacement* brought to us by Lillian Jane, collage-er extraordinaire. Today was a particularly nutty work day of back to back 30 minute meetings all day and every time I happened to walk downstairs (headset on), Lily would look at me expectantly and ask “did you see the tree?” And I would hold up my hand – the universal “don’t talk to me I’m working” signal. So finally at 5:30 I came downstairs and found this upon my tree. I was speechless. I mean…it’s actually very pretty, so I said it could stay, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY. To which Margaret replied “that’s fine, next year we are going to have an Anthony Fauci angel anyway.”

*I’m adding a little explanation for those who have no clue who this even is. We have a serious fandom / devotion in this house for Harry Styles (formerly of One Direction if you don’t know…..boy band if you really don’t know). I have to admit I’ve been pulled over to the dark side but in my defense it took seven hours of driving with Alice controlling the music for it to happen and I think it might be more stockholm syndrome than anything. Anyway. This is a beautiful melding of his recent Vogue shoot and the requisite angel wings. I really do love these strange people I live with.

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