Total eclipse

Mental snapshot: Driving across town to get milkshakes on a summer evening, all of my daughters in the car. Margaret plays DJ and they sing at the top of their lungs to Lizzo, Harry Styles, and people i recognize but don’t know because I’m old. Marg puts Total Eclipse of the Heart on and they crank it and sing it loud as we drive home milkshakes finally in hand. As always, I’m shocked that they know all of the lyrics to songs they didn’t grow up with – they’ve picked it up through osmosis, I think, since they never had to wait until a song came on the radio to listen with burning intensity and learn the lyrics in one sitting like we did. In such a strange, uncertain time, with so much heaviness, worry, despair and fear, these moments of absolute lightness make me so grateful I could cry. I don’t because they would never let me live it down if I cried during a Bonnie Tyler song. But I could have. Luckily for my reputation as a hard ass, the moment passed when Alice announced that she would do anything for Harry Styles, including sacrificing her youngest sister for him, to which Lily replied “I KNEW you were going to say that” and then they argued over whether or not Lily really did know she was going to say that. And so, we returned to our regularly scheduled program and the close call was averted. Thank god for this crazy crew and these moments when everything feels right.

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