Manzanita by the numbers

A vacation by the numbers:
4: number of days away
4: number of days it rained
0: number of times we ate out
1: times we used the car (to go to a trailhead).
6: number of games we brought
1: number of games actually played Lily after she wore me down).
11: number of episodes of Community that we watched.
2: number of trips to the local bookstore (which allowed four people at a time in the shop so it felt like our own bookstore).
2: number of books I finished.
[the number will go with me to my grave]: number of books we bought. In my defense, I consider them both our main activities and our souvenirs.
Infinity: number of walks in the rain, grains of sand in my shoes, pieces of saltwater taffy consumed.

Four days of walks, naps, books, tv, laughing, cooking, lounging, and yeah, even some bickering for good measure. Very grateful that John took one for the team and stayed home to hang out with the old dog who can’t travel. We missed him, but there is something very special about having this time on our own. It wasn’t exactly the trip I planned, but I think it may have been exactly the trip we needed.

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