encouraging signs

Kind of sweet and kind of funny. Lily is doing a kindness project for a class and her idea is to post little encouraging notes of support and thanks around the neighborhood. So she made her notes and we were about to set off when I made the mistake of joking that I was a master at avoiding police so we definitely would not get arrested. This sent her into a panic of “what? This is illegal? You told me it was legal! I can’t do this!” and I spent about ten minutes convincing her it was just a stupid mom joke and it’s fine to post a note on a telephone pole. So I almost have to drag her out of the house, and we walk up to the first telephone pole at a stop sign, and in her nerves she drops the note, fumbles to pick it up and while she is picking it up a police car pulls up to the stop sign. The look on her face – I could have died. This kid has no life of crime ahead of her – she looked guilty as sin just standing there. They passed on and we laughed and then she finally posted her note and as she is pushing the tack in another police car pulled up to the stop sign. They also kept going but I’m pretty sure she is going to spend the rest of the evening waiting for a knock on the door and her dramatic arrest. 😂. .

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