Sorry not sorry – Halloween with older kids

I love all the Halloween memories that have been showing up of the great costumes of years gone by. But I will be honest and say that I’m really appreciating the upsides of older kids this year. No costumes for me to figure out / fix last minute, no trudging through the rain tonight, no stress trying to figure out if I can leave work early/reschedule meetings etc. Alice is having a few friends over to give out candy and SHE cleaned the house to get ready. Lily is going to cobble together some “good enough” costume to go trick or treating with friends. Margaret texted me a picture of her costume last night with the comment that I may or may not want to show it to John (“sexy Homer Simpson” and no, I didn’t show it to him. ) We didn’t do pumpkins this year and it isn’t the end of the world. I miss a lot of things about smaller people but mid work week holidays is not one of them. I like these sometimes, sort of self-sufficient humans I live with (or text with) these days. Happy Halloween!

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