Facebook Post: 2018-11-04T22:43:09

These trips with the girls remind me so much of traveling with my mom. I always admired the way she was just willing to get in the car and go. Almost anywhere, really. One summer we drove across the country and back – me, my sister, my mom and my cat. We broke down several times, went to Graceland and the grand canyon, put our toes in the Pacific and the Atlantic. And that was just one trip. I’ve never done anything quite that drastic with the girls but I love all the adventures I’ve had with my intrepid bunch. Things feel bittersweet with a senior, and the sense that everything will be different next year, but then I remember the trip I took across the country with mom (again) when I was 22. That was the time I briefly thought she was going to be arrested by a Missouri highway patrol officer, and also the time we went to the “Elvis is Alive” museum (premise: he was hidden in witness protection all those years). So…maybe there isn’t an expiration date for travel adventures with your mom. Which is good because I’ve never seen the world’s largest ball of twine and I’m sure the girls would love that…

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