Facebook Post: 2017-12-31T23:22:17

A Sunriver Christmas by the numbers

9: number of nights we have spent here this trip (longest yet)
2: number of days I think that may have been too long by (seven is enough continuous family time)
1: number of cars we packed five people, two dogs, luggage and all of Christmas into to get here. The only way I was able to make this work was remembering the year we took two kids in car seats camping in a Honda Civic. With a dog. If we can do that, we can pack anything. But if you see me hitchhiking on 97 or 26 tomorrow, you will know why.
8: number of Harry Potter movies we watched this trip as part of the Digiacinto family HP film festival.
0: number of Christmas trees we had here. Turns out you really don’t need one for Christmas to happen. Who knew?
4: number of days with highs in the 20s.
3: number of days with highs in the 50s. The dogs are so confused. Where did the snow go? But we got a gorgeous hike in on one of those days.
3: number of times I laughed until I cried playing Truth Bombs. Great game.
3: the number of books I read this week. We don’t ski, but we do read.
1: the number of AMAZING books I read this week. Please go read Sing, Unburied, Sing right now.
1: number of times we played Golden Girls Clue (pictured). Game was fun. Playing it was not. Because kids are assholes sometimes. Even in Sunriver.
Infinity: number of arguments that occurred over the last eight days. See previous entry comments.
??: the number of bands I recognize watching New Year’s Rocking Eve. I’m old.
0: the number of new year’s resolutions I made. Because being old enough to not know the bands on TV also means I’m old enough to know resolutions are stupid.

It’s been a rough year in some respects, but time together (even a little too much time together) always reminds me that while we are not perfect, we are better together. I am so grateful for this time to just be, read, walk, play, eat, and yes, even argue, with the people who I love the best. Ending 2017 in gratitude, and looking forward to 2018.

Except the car trip home.

Happy New Year!

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