Facebook Post: 2017-01-28T07:49:05

On Thursday, Alice’s class had the opportunity to hear from Miriam Greenstein, an 87 year old Holocaust survivor. It was a powerful experience, one I hope will stay with Alice. From the email to the parents from her teacher: “Mrs. Greenstein’s decision to speak out about the Holocaust came later in her life following the murder of Mulugeta Seraw, a young Ethiopian man killed in Portland by Neo-Nazis in 1988. She told the students that she was so outraged she was wondering where to turn and who to call. Then she realized that she needed to take action against hatred herself, rather than look to others.” Living memory of this atrocity is dwlindling. It is on us to hold the memory, it is on us to channel our outrage into action. Today I am outraged and I am taking action.

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