Facebook Post: 2016-03-02T20:57:57

Facebook tells me it has been seven years since my first science fair project parenting experience. It looks so fun in a little slide show set to the soundtrack from Twin Peaks (my major contribution that year and still my favorite project largely because of that). I actually remember thinking “this is fun!” I had no clue how much I would come to loathe this annual experience. Here we are again, in the plum zone of procrastination and feet dragging with a looming deadline and an under-developed idea. Shaping up to be another year of good times and last minute anxiety and hysteria. Time to break out the trifold and the washi tape (science fair project secret #43: even the worst project can be dressed up a full letter grade with enough washi tape). Also – the tiny-ness that is Margaret in this video is pretty cute.

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